RADIUS, Vegan Xylitol Mint Floss, 55 yds (50 m) – 2pc


Product Description

review : RADIUS, Vegan Xylitol Mint Floss, 55 yds (50 m) – 2pc

What are the different types of dental floss?

  • Holder type (thread tooth)

is characterized by easy to use type with a handle. There are different types of holders, F-shaped for front teeth and Y-shaped for back teeth. Recommended for beginners.

  • Double floss type

Dental floss is attached to both ends of a plastic rod. You can use one for the upper jaw and the other for the lower jaw.

  • Thread type

This type is used to cut the thread wound on the reel. There are yarns with different thickness and elasticity, and you can choose the yarn that suits you. Some yarns have wax.

How to use dental floss

holder type

  1. Apply dental floss to your teeth

Apply dental floss between teeth.

  1. Insert between teeth

Gently move it between the teeth while moving it between the teeth.

  1. Move up and down

Once inside, move up and down to polish both sides of adjacent teeth.

  1. Remove while moving sideways

When taking it out, move it slowly and take it out.

roll type

  1. Remove the floss for one use, and wrap it around your finger

Remove the floss for one use from the case, wrap it around the middle finger on the left and right two or three times, and make the length between fingers 1 to 2 cm. One use is about 40 cm. The standard is the length from the tip of the finger to the elbow.

  1. Insert between teeth

Apply dental floss between teeth and slowly move them between teeth while moving sideways. Use it while checking the location by looking in the mirror.

  1. Move up and down to remove plaque

When you reach the base of your teeth, wrap it around your teeth and move it up and down to remove plaque. Clean both sides of adjacent teeth.

  1. Remove while moving sideways

When taking out, take it out slowly while moving it to the side.

Benefits of using dental floss

  1. Plaque drops better than brushing alone

The basis of dental care is brushing teeth. However, many dentists suggest that using dental floss in combination with tooth brushing is more effective than brushing alone, and is now becoming the standard dental care.

  1. Early detection

Using dental floss can lead to early detection of early caries and periodontal disease. The reason is that you can notice the following symptoms that you can’t notice with a toothbrush:

  1. Effective for bad breath preventions

One of the causes of bad breath is a food residue left on the teeth. In some cases, the food itself emits an odor, and in other cases, food scum accumulates and ferments, causing a strong odor.

  1. You can check the condition of the prosthesis

By using dental floss, it is possible to check so-called tooth fillings such as inlays and coverings. Tooth fillings and coverings may come off, float or become unstable due to ageing, but the use of floss allows you to notice defects quickly.