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What is a water flosser / Irrigator?

A water flosser is a jet for cleaning teeth. Also called dental Irrigator, the first dental jet was developed in the 1960s in the United States by a dentist and an engineer to treat gum disease in spas.

After the publication of numerous scientific studies confirming its effectiveness in oral hygiene, it is today a device intended for the general public and highly recommended by dental and periodontal health professionals.

The dental jet is used before and after brushing teeth to remove plaque and reduce the risk of dental disease, gingivitis, cavities, tartar or even bad breath.

Dental water jets and advice from dentists

Most dentists agree that dental jets are very useful oral hygiene supplements for the whole family. They indeed offer a final cleaning of all inaccessible pockets and crevices and massage the gum in a tonic way.

Regarding the rate of use, dentists recommend daily use with lukewarm water added with a few drops of antiseptics.

The different types of water flosser

There are four different types of dental water flossers, adapted to everyone's needs:

  1. The non-electric model

It connects directly to the water tap and works thanks to the water pressure.

The advantages: it saves energy, it is silent and there is no need to fill and clean a tank.

The -: it cannot be used with a mouthwash - and it is often less powerful than an electric model.

  1. The family model

It is a fairly large device with nozzles for the whole family and a large capacity tank.

The advantages: great autonomy and customizable nozzles

The -: this type of model is very bulky and not all models have a wall fixing

  1. The handset: toothbrush and dental spray

The 2 in 1 is on the rise and this is also the case for dental water flossers. The handset indeed offers complete and thorough cleaning thanks to the combination of a dental jet and an electric toothbrush.

If you don't have an electric toothbrush yet, the dental combo saves money rather than having to invest in two different devices. It also saves space because the support of the electric toothbrush is integrated into the dental water flosser. Finally, it is also the best way to take advantage of the latest technologies in oral care.

  • The +: a significant saving of space when you want a toothbrush and a dental jet
  • The -: a little higher cost than a simple dental jet - but much cheaper than buying a dental jet + a separate electric toothbrush.
  1. Travel dental jet / portable dental jet

It is space-saving and has a reservoir integrated with the handle. It is practical and very handy.

  • The pros: you can take it everywhere with you
  • The -: its low capacity and its unique nozzle

The Irrigator: who is it for?

The dental water flosser can be used by anyone looking to improve their dental hygiene! Easy to use, it can be used by everyone, including children who can use it in addition to brushing their teeth from 3 years.

But you can also choose to buy a cheap or more complete dental jet in the following cases:

  • People who have undergone dental surgery: after such an act, it is indeed essential to have optimal and strict oral hygiene to avoid an infection.
  • People who wear dentures or orthodontic appliances because they have many inaccessible corners when brushing.
  • People over 40 because at this age the teeth begin to weaken and it is essential to have perfect oral hygiene
  • People who have very tight teeth because the bristles of toothbrushes have a hard time dislodging food residue that infiltrates it.