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Why an electric brush?

The electric toothbrush is practical for the whole family.

Since electric brushing requires little effort for a very optimal result, it is suitable for everyone. But very handy and very easy to use, the electric toothbrush can be especially recommended for all people who lack strength or dexterity, such as the elderly, the sick or even children.

Knowing precisely that 83% of children do not like to brush their teeth, the electric brush can prove to be a playful and judicious solution to accompany the oral hygiene of the cherubim from three years. However, be sure to choose a brush specially designed for the youngest.

Also practical because faster!

With a manual brush, dentists recommend brushing your teeth for three minutes. With an electric toothbrush, two minutes are enough and the presence of a timer (sometimes musical to distract children ) indicates to the user the end of brushing. No need to stay glued to your pendulum!

The other advantage of the electric brush is that it allows more personalized brushing. You can change the type of brush at any time. For example, if your teeth and gums are more sensitive at a given time, you can opt for a softer brush. Some models actually offer different brushing modes (cleanliness, softness, polishing, massage.) and therefore, different types of brushes.

A wide choice that deserves attention.

Recent studies have shown that 95% of the people who tested electric toothbrush were completely won over. 90% of them would even recommend it to their loved ones!

There are mainly two types of electric toothbrushes: the tilt-and-turn models (the specialty of the Oral B brand ), which are characterized by the rotary movement of a small round head that hugs and cleans the tooth perfectly. Then sonic models (the specialty of the Philips Sonicare brand), whose sweeping brushing makes it possible to clean effectively between the interdental spaces. Whatever your preference, they are then available in an infinity of more or less sophisticated models.

For a first approach, the best is still to choose a mid-range electric toothbrush: you will be able to appreciate all its efficiency without getting lost in the technicality! On the other hand, even if they are more expensive to buy, prefer a rechargeable model (from 25 €) to a disposable model with batteries (from 6 €), and whose brush often cannot be changed! The first ones are still more efficient and more ecological too!